Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter vs RideUp Mobility Power Chair

RideUp Mobility Scooter
Access to the device from the rear (greater security).
Elevated seating position that puts the user "eye to eye" with their world.
Small footprint (no leg rest/footrest) … allow easy access …
Ergonomic and healthy sitting posture (limited strain, lower back and joints)
Designed primarily for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors
Designed primarily for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors
Easily navigates tight spaces and corners in the house 
Able to operate on a wide variety of outdoor surfaces
Joystick controller for steering may be installed on either arm of the chair
Adjustable tiller and handle bar steering for easy control
Various seating options available based on changing medical condition
Available with a large variety of accessories such as bags, holders and baskets for even more convenience
Easily collapsible for transportation …

Mobility Scooter & Power Wheelchair Alternative

Mobile Scooter AlternativeSenior staff met with OT’s in Sherbrooke for a “lunch & learn session”.

The group was introduced to RideUp’s New powered mobility product. Discussed were concerns regarding the limitations of power wheel chairs and scooters and how the RideUp product addressed these issues.

The group agreed that the  most common criticism of  power wheel chair and power  scooter user is; “I am sitting so low it is diffi cult to interact with other people” Recognized was that the unique design of RideUp, in providing the user with eye to eye contact with their world, restores dignity and a sense of inclusion to those that require a powered mobility device.Power Wheelchair Alternative

The group also brought forward some key issues regarding accessibility inside the home. The RideUp product was seen as being a real problem solver for the user when reaching into upper kitchen cupboards. In addition, the ease at which entry way doors handles can be reached, opened and entered were seen as key strengths.